Friday, January 19, 2007

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me, The Future Postmaster General

Well, I've been tagged by a couple lovely fashion blogs to take part in the "Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me" epidemic. Basically, I tell you five things about me that I haven't mentioned here before, then I tag five other bloggers to do it too, they tag five other bloggers, and pretty soon we have our own version of one of those scary STD trees that your health teacher would draw on the blackboard in high school before stepping back and saying really solemnly, "And that's how the entire world will get infected with Chlamydia," but we are spreading a lighthearted blog survey instead of an STD, and, well, I'm just gonna drop this metaphor now.

Here we go:

1) Pretty much every morning while I put on my makeup, I listen to "Suddenly I See" and pretend I'm in the opening scene of The Devil Wears Prada.

2) On days that I'm dressed really well, I delight in telling anyone and everyone that I'm a fashion blogger. It goes like this:
Professor calling attendance: Winona?
Me: Umm, yeah, actually I prefer "Fashion Blogger."

And on days that I'm wearing, you know, Adidas trackpants and purple Uggs and my boyfriend's thermal shirt and a giant furry trapper hat, it goes more like this:
My good friend: Great post today, Winona.
Me: What do you mean?
Good friend: I liked your blog post today.
Me: I don't have a blog.

3) I already kind of mentioned this, but I have a major thing for Kelis. I want to be Kelis (I try to talk about my milkshake but it's just really sad). And this is my favorite ensemble in the history of the world:

4) I am a total slob. I like to blame it on my unorganized creative brain, but whatever the reason, I am completely incapable of cleaning. All my attempts at cleaning, tidying, or organizing end with me sitting in the middle of the room up to my neck in a pile of papers and clothes and knick-knacks that I've amassed around myself. For this reason, I bribe my boyfriend to do it for me, and he has to wear a respirator mask to survive the process. I really, really wish I was joking.

5) I know I wrote a post a while back railing against work uniforms, but that doesn't mean I don't harbor a secret and passionate urge to be a postman. I think it would be such a cool job--you get to wear shorts and a little hat, you walk around a neighborhood all day, so you'd have hot legs and get to be outside, everyone would be happy to see you, and you have a chance of becoming the mysterious, powerful Postmaster General...

I'll tag Letters to Marc Jacobs, The Fray, Ma Petite Chou, Scarlet B Designs, and The Visa Diaries. And that's how the entire world will get infected with Chlamydia.


Anonymous said...

when i was younger, i wrote a story called "the postmaster general" because i used to see it on mailboxes and i was intrigued. it was a pretty bad story, but there you go. :)

marcella cannoli

Moi said...

Haha, thanks Winona! Now I'm going to think up five things to say about myself tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

check out my blog!!

Tito said...

We both share a secret longing to be Kelis. I. Love. Her.

Anonymous said...

oh deary me EYE too have a (not so) secret desire to be a postman. how could it NOT be an amazing job?! but but but i also want to have and ice cream van and roller disco and be surrounded by vintage clothes so i'm going to have to settle on delivering vintage clothes in an ice cream van with a roller disco trailer attached to the back. dont say i didnt warn you.

Hoardmeister said...

Dahling, every morning I put on Chanel No. 5 and knock "The Devil Wears Prada"* out of my idiotic assistant's lazy hands.

*or a book like it.

Anonymous said...

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