Thursday, January 04, 2007

High Fashion Haiku

Today we have a guest Haikuist, my friend Joei, with her thoughts on this "reversible" Coach bag:

Coach, you should know that
reversible is not the
same as inside-out.

Pretty good, huh? If anyone else would like to try their hand at High Fashion Haiku, send me your syllables at, and maybe, just maybe, you can experience the same fame and fortune as today's Daddy Likey Poet Laureate.

Oh, and sorry about that picture quality. I think Coach knows that people will be onto their little scheme if they allow them to zoom in on the bag, so they just give them a little thumbnail and hope nobody asks questions.


Joei said...

proudest moment ever.

Alice said...

Haha, excellent! I frequently think the same thing about supposedly "reversible" items.

Moi said...

Geez, Coach tried to pull a fast one over our eyes! we won't let them!

Alice said...

I love it.

if I were famous, I would buy this bag, turn it inside out, and carry it around forever until it was the "next cool thing"!

Alice said...

p.s. I just finished up the last tiny bit of organization for the thing - so I'm back on my regularly unscheduled blogging - catching up with everyone!

Luke made it around the USA in one piece, and did it on schedule. neato!

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