Monday, January 22, 2007

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Car Bow

So you know those commercials that show people giving their spouses a set of car keys in some clever manner and/or leading them out to the driveway blindfolded to ultimately unveil a Lexus or Mercedes sitting there with a giant bow on it, and they always make you think, "Where the hell do rich people get those giant car bows? Is there a secret car bow emporium at all luxury car dealership that can be accessed only by pulling the correct book out of a normal-looking bookshelf (after a full credit check, of course), which will then slowly rotate to reveal thousands of giant car bows and a guy named Maurice saying, 'Red is obviously the classic car bow color, but I see you've chosen the red BMW, so let's try to work in some contrast here.'"

I have no idea where they come from (you can go to your local Lexus dealership and pull every damn book out of the bookshelf trying to solve the mystery, but if you don't pass the credit check, you'll just get arrested), but they're putting them on skirts now:

Flores & Flores Ruffle Silk Skirt, $268 (cheaper than a Beamer, at least),


Kevin said...


KING SIZE BOWS are the perfect way to wrap up the really big gifts in life. They are large, elegant, high tech bows, ideal for cars, new homes, boats, pool tables, big screen TV's, golf carts, etc.

Flashy_Shades said...


Not only was your lead-in really funny, you actually attracted someone plugging his site with the answer! Fantasticly well done

daddylikeyblog said...

Oh my god, Kevin, you are my hero.

Kevin said...

eh, not my site. Just a quick google. ;-)

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