Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Once Upon A Time, Two Ugly Shoe Brands Got Cute.

Finally, pictures of the shoes (written about many times before) that I got for Christmas.

The Aerosoles:

Ah yes, my first non-Ugg boots (I'm only 21 so it's not quite as bad as it sounds). They have filled a massive void in my wardrobe and I wear them pretty much everyday.

The NeoNaturalizers:

These kind of don't look that cute here because the flash made the suede look blotchy and the visibly dirty kitchen floor doesn't really help the ambience, but I swear they are stunningly chic in real life.

And let me tell you, while both of these shoes have shunned their respective brands' traditions of Dowdy, Ugly, and Sensible, they have managed to retain the legendary comfort. Both (yes, even the four-inch heels) are ten-mile-hike-up-a-craggy-mountain comfy. Maybe I'll try that this weekend.


Karinaxoxo said...

they are both hot!!!
i'm the same - only just 'got into' boots about a year or two ago...and now i love love love wearing them!!!

ambika said...

Suffering some serious shoe envy here. And definitely going to check out the Aerosoles and Naturalizers sites again.

daddylikeyblog said...

ambika--if you're loving the boots they're $40 below regular price on amazon.com right now (in addition to whatever amazon coupons you can find online). But only if you're a size 6 or 7, and want them in brown. But if you meet those requirements, they're worth every penny!

Carissa said...

The NeoNaturalizers are envoking feelings of deep envy, I may have to pick up a pair for myself very soon. They look stunning on you, as do the boots.
And thank you for nominating! May I ask where?

Alice said...

I love the heel on those neonaturalizers!

Moi said...

Love the boots! So cool-looking.

The NeoNaturalizers are stunning. I love the color and the thick heels. FAB!

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