Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Perfect Closet: Preblog?

I'm not feeling very good tonight, so I was just going to post some pretty pictures of 3.1 Phillip Lim dresses (I'm totally crushing on every single piece they put out lately), but in a fit of procrastination I meandered over to The Perfect Closet and found that she had already done the exact same thing, on the exact same day.

Obviously this means that the author of The Perfect Closet is a precog. Or should I say, a preblog? Either way, I'm sure she has a way cuter haircut than Samantha Morton, and you should go read her blog today (and everyday for that matter--it's a tres chic blog indeed).

But do come back, dear friends, and I will regale you with tales of Balenciaga boots, skintone drama at the Clinique counter, and my secret yearning to be Kelis. Just the usual, you know.


Stylefinder said...

Hi Winona,

I love The Perfect Closet! It's definitely on my daily read list...and now so are you! Thanks for the link - just wanted to say love the blog and I've linked you back.


Joei said...

the CL pair she posted is way way better than those god aweful espadrilles that i put up.

ambika said...

TPC is one of my favorites too (can't you tell by the use of the acronym?). Always always cute stuff.

Kelis? Really?

Moi said...

Yep love everything from Pillip Lim, he's a genius!

Alice said...

hey, I'm not feeling very good tonight either - phooey!

hugs to us - and merry new year! wish I could keep up with showercondiments like you keep up with daddylikey. maybe some resolutions will kick in soon, eh?

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