Monday, January 01, 2007

Start us off, Martin!

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd let my loyal blogging partner/raccoon Martin Sheen start us off with the first post of 2007 to reward his hard work and dedication to all things shiny, sparkly and sequined. And also, if any first-time readers or hung over regulars stop by on the first day of this new year of fashion blogging potential, it's probably a really good idea to confuse the hell out of them and possibly dissuade them from visiting the site ever again. That's what I call a good marketing strategy. Now, without further ado, the man of the hour, Mr. Martin Sheen:

What. a. night. Word to the wise: champagne and rotten chili do NOT mix. I'm not big into regrets but god, that was a dumb idea. You know what this coat looks like?

This coat looks a lot like the fragile beauty that is a thin piece of aluminum foil embracing a styrofoam bowl of pure (and moldy) Southwestern delight sitting ever so innocently on top of a large rubbish heap. It may be pretty on the outside, but be careful when you unwrap it. Or at least don't pair it with that small puddle of bubbly you found next to the dumpster.

I gotta go.


Burberry coat,


ambika said...

Happy New Year! Darling coat and thanks for making me laugh thru my hangover. Keep up the amazing work.

Alice said...

Happy New Years! And you gotta love that raccoon. Something about eating garbage is just so chic!

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