Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Joei and the Amazing Canadian Dreamcoat

Well, it was my dear friend Joei's birthday yesterday. I wasn't able to post this then because I have the kind of internet that is somehow slowed down by snow, as if there is an old man personally driving my emails and blog posts from my house to their destinations, and he doesn't have snowtires and doesn't see any need to rush, safety first after all. But everything seems to be better now and so, in honor of the birthday girl, behold:

Tres chic, right? A couple months ago, Joei told me that she had found her dream coat and that I must come over and see it, and when she opened her laptop, this picture was set as her background. I thought that was dedication, but when she told me the tragic tale of how this coat is only available in Canada and she has called every store in the country begging them to ship it and offering fruitbaskets and bribes and sexual favors (okay, not really, but close), I realized that this was true coat love.

Happy birthday, Joei! Someday, it shall be yours.

As for all you non-Joei's who love it, I'll tell you that it's by Soia & Kyo, but no more, or else you might go buy the last one and then what kind of a friend would I be?


ambika said...

That really is an amazing coat. And I bow down to her dedication. I generally give up when foiled by refusal to ship.

Christina and Emily said...

ooh, that's so sad! I always have the opposite problem. everything I want isn't shipped to canada.

The Glossy Ed. said...

Soia & Kyo is a great line done by the same talented Montrealer's that do the now-somewhat-famous coat line Mackage!

millie said...

SHUT UP. i wanted that coat for christmas, but the website is all sold out...and they only sell it in canada...and i almost cried.

polkadot said...

I, too, fell in love with the same coat in December, and was crazy enough to call every Canadian retailer on the Soia & Kyo website until i found one that had my size and was willing to ship...and I saved a ton of money 'cos it was 25% off Canadian! Tell Joie to call Buzz Jeans in Montreal...maybe they still have one left...Good Luck!

Of course, now I am also obsessing about their Florence coat (large, taupe) anyone know of one out there?

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