Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For those who thought Medusa was just misunderstood.

What Neiman Marcus said:

Fur Hat: Bucket style. Price: $495.00
Fur-Trim Cashmere Cape: No front closure. 100% cashmere. Price: $3995.00
Both, camel. Fox fur (China) trim. Imported.

What they should have said:

Did you find yourself cheering for Cruella DeVille's cause by the end of 101 Dalmations? Have you always thought of Medusa as a sympathetic character? When your friends jeered the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, did you stand up for her, saying that there's a certain grace in being an evil bitch who enforces never-ending winter and those kids deserved what they got, damnit? Well, if you've been searching for your own ensemble to capture that classic female villain look, for the outfit that perfectly complements your practiced hand on hips stance and I-seriously-might-turn-you-into-a-rat-right-now stare, search no further than this fabulous fur cape and hat set! Instill fear in everyone you meet for a mere $4500! Money well spent to watch acquaintances cower and cry, "Please don't turn me to stone, ma'am, please!" And really, isn't that what fashion's all about?


Anonymous said...

I had to just tell you that your blog cracks me up! You have such a way with words! I like that its about fashion but its written differently than all the other should turn this writing thing into a full time career!

Eli said...

how is it that youre so great at finding the ugliest things?

eurobrat said...

I always thought she was misunderstood. Totally :)

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