Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some Lovely Links for Couture Voyeurs

If you're a Couture Voyeur like myself and are in need of more Golden Globes coverage today, check out Fashion Verbatim, Go Fug Yourself, Style IT, and Blogdorf Goodman for fabulous pictures and commentary.

As for me, I'm way too lazy to do all the work needed for a comprehensive award show post, but I spent a much too large portion of my life last night and today looking at pictures, and I will say this:
I love Sienna Miller's dress. AND her hair. The whole ensemble is my favorite thing ever even though I haven't read a review yet that didn't include some combination of "Ugly" and "Heidi hair." Whatev. She looks hot.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree! i love the way she looked.

Ivy Frozen said...

I thought I was the only one! Her hair looks weird in the front, but much nicer when viewed from the side. But that dress is lovely!

Christina and Emily said...

I like the dress/hair in that picture. In others though, it looked like a typical sienna miller mess.

misssixty said...

i love her dress, i thought it was one of the better ones.. but i dunno about the hair.. the braid was ok, but at the back it was kida messy and i lost the vibe.. the dress rocked though!

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