Friday, January 12, 2007

High Fashion Haiku

Today our Daddy Likey Poet Laureate is the lovely Kate, who waxed haikuic about one of her favorite (everyone's, really) designers:

Dearest Phillip Lim,
How do you make such garments
That glide past gorgeous
And make the little
People lust for crisp white frocks
And navy flowers?

Amen, Kate, amen. If you knew how long I sat in front of my computer tonight (and most nights) refreshing the 3.1 Phillip Lim page at Net-A-Porter, hoping that one of my clicks would reveal a secret and magical sale page with dresses priced at $19.99, you'd, well, you'd probably say, "Whoa, that's really weird." But maybe you'd shyly whisper, "I thought I was the only one..." and in that case, let's be friends.

3.1 Phillip Lim blouse and dress, it's too depressing to type the price,


Xilly said...

Hey, i like the skirt

Anna said...

I decided to stop going on because it's just too damn depressing most of the time.

Jackie said...

omg, you're SO not the only one-- it's really quite amazing how quickly one's perception of reality can change while browsing through net-a-porter. all of a sudden $300 for a shirt seems reasonable. i should start keeping a cup of cold water near me to throw on myself whenever i visit the site :P

Haute Girl said...

cute is so depressing.

Emily said...

This started as a haiku, and ended up as just a sad little poem.

Whilst I'm browsing n-a-p
I'm just two clicks from bankruptcy,
So this year what I really need,
Is Philip Lim for Target, please!

Anonymous said...

Amen, emily!

stroke said...

Oh yes, the big navy ( looks more like black) prints are great! why is it that big blod prints can be so feminin?


Sarah said...

they're great, love them

Karinaxoxo said...

that dress is hot.

Carissa said...

Philip Lim adorned the cups the gods on Olympus drank nectar from.

eurobrat said...

"waxed haikuic" :)

The world would be a sad place without Philip Lim.

Christina and Emily said...

DL, your blog inspired me and my sister so much, we just started one of our own! What we lack in wit, we make up for in free time. :)

Kate said...

Hurrah! Thanks for posting it. Glad you liked the haiku. I was slobbering over the S/S 07 Collection while I was writing it.

It was quite depressing to realize I'd have to practically sell my family to buy something.

Not to say I didn't consider it.

(Kidding! Sort of...)

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